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Emergency Dune Restoration

Following Hurricane Laura, the GLO implemented emergency rules allowing local governments to issue beachfront construction certificates and dune protection permits for areas impacted by the storm.

After landfall of Tropical Storm Beta, the GLO withdrew the Hurricane Laura rules and replaced them with expanded rules that not only authorized dune restoration but also include select emergency stabilization activities and repairs to homes.  

This action allows property owners to repair dunes damaged by the effects of Hurricane Laura or Tropical Storm Beta and to construct dune restoration projects to minimize further threat or damage to coastal residents and littoral property. It now also allows certain minor repairs necessary to stabilize or repair access to a habitable structure.


City of Galveston: 409-797-3660
Galveston County: 409-770-5552
Village of Surfside Beach: 979-233-1531
Brazoria County : 979-864-1272
City of Jamaica Beach: 409-737-1142