Coastal Resiliency Master Plan
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Coastal Resiliency Master Plan

The Texas coast is a significant part of our states’ natural environment. Outside of its natural beauty, the Texas coast provides our state with the support services, transportation and infrastructure systems needed to allow industries, communities and businesses to flourish up and down the coast.

The Coastal Resiliency Master Plan is a list of projects compiled by coastal and environmental experts from across the state that will help enhance resiliency along our state’s coast. The Resiliency Plan targets potential coastal hazards by proposing specific projects that identify opportunities to improve the Texas coast. At its heart, the Resiliency Plan also recommends a wide range of solutions that help restore the natural environment. 

Beyond that, the Resiliency Plan also provides valuable data and information to other state agencies that share the GLO’s goal of protecting our state from natural disasters. It also helps the GLO determine what projects are the most important to helping our coast recover from storms and natural disasters and helps the GLO determine which projects are the most critical and should receive funding from a multitude of funding sources.