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Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB)


The mission of the GLO HUB program is to educate HUBs on doing business with the State of Texas. The Agency is committed to promoting opportunities for small and historically disadvantaged businesses to compete for the Agency's purchases and contracts. It is Agency’s intent to provide a program that will advance and enhance participation from such vendors through outreach, education and training.

Vendor Resources

HUB and Business Resources– this link gives you access to the state agencies HUB Coordinators contact list as well as the list of Small, Minority and Women Business Trade Organizations and Development Centers.

Electronic State Business Daily (ESBD) - is an online search engine that lists state contract opportunities valued over $25,000. Companies can search the ESBD to find the newest bid postings statewide.

Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL)- is used by state agencies to develop a mailing list for vendors to receive bid opportunities based on class and items selected for the products or services which can be provided to districts specified for the State of Texas.

HUB Certification- The HUB certification application process is paperless! Vendors can apply to become a certified HUB on the Texas Statewide HUB System.  Vendors must meet the qualifications at the following link below to become a Texas Certified HUB: Qualifications to be a HUB.

Calendars of Upcoming Events 

Agency HUB Utilization Goals 

In accordance with Texas Administrative Code §20.284, all state agencies shall make a good faith effort to include HUBs in each applicable procurement category. Agencies may set their own HUB goals, consistent with their agency’s mission, the availability of HUBs in each procurement category, the geographic location of the work, the agency's historic utilization of HUBs and other relevant factors.

The GLO’s HUB utilization goals for FY 2024 are:

  • Heavy Construction - N/A
  • Building Construction – 5.00%
  • Special Trades – 25.00%
  • Professional Services – 15.00%
  • Other Services – 25.00%
  • Commodities – 2.00%

Contacts for the GLO HUB Program   

  • Vonda White, HUB Director
    512-463-5376 office
    512-947-6411 mobile

  • Daphne Grantham, Assistant HUB Coordinator
    512-512-463-5194 office
    512-914-7777 mobile

  • Stella Roland, Assistant HUB Coordinator
    512-463-7201 office
    512-662-6899 mobile

Email:  HUB@glo.texas.gov

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