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The Texas General Land Office is pleased to present the 2019 Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan – the second installment of a statewide plan to protect and promote a vibrant and resilient Texas coast that supports and sustains a strong economy and healthy environment for all who live, work, play or otherwise benefit from the natural resources and infrastructure along the Texas coast.

The Texas coast is an integrated network of built infrastructure and natural environments that should be considered in partnership to understand and achieve coastal resiliency. The state’s natural coastal environments contribute resources and invaluable ecosystem services – such as cultural and recreational benefits, seafood, flood prevention and habitat productivity – that bolster business development, improve quality of life, and attract people to Texas. The coast’s built environments provide the support services, transportation and infrastructure systems that allow communities, businesses and families to grow and flourish up and down the coast.

The Resiliency Master Plan recommends 123 Tier 1 projects that mitigate coastal hazards and address high priority needs along the Texas coast. The projects are a combination of built and nature-based strategies to enhance community resiliency along the coast and were identified through data gathering and modeling. The projects were thoroughly reviewed and vetted by a Technical Advisory Committee, made up of coastal experts, local officials, and the GLO.