Rebuilding & Repairing Coastal Structures
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Rebuilding & Repairing Coastal Structures

In an effort to assist our customers impacted by Hurricane Hanna, the School Land Board is authorizing you to rebuild your coastal structure(s) that were damaged or destroyed by the storm. These coastal structures include any piers, docks, boatlifts and other structures in the bays, estuaries, tidal rivers, creeks and bayous currently authorized by a General Land Office (GLO) easement, registration, or lease (your contract contains a diagram that identifies these structures). This authorization does not apply to any structures that extend into the Gulf of Mexico or any cabins. 

All rebuilding and repairs of your coastal structure(s) must comply with any Special Conditions in your existing contract. These Special Conditions may partially restrict your repair and rebuilding activities, so it is imperative that you review your contract or contact our Field Office at the numbers below for assistance. Rebuilding and repair activities must be completed by July 25, 2021. 

The GLO will be responsive to any questions or assistance you need during this time. This authorization to rebuild your structure over state owned submerged land will help to streamline the process, but please contact our Field Office at the numbers below for any proposed changes to the structure, requests for additional time to rebuild, or general guidance. They can answer any questions you may have about the rebuilding requirements and provide a copy of the diagram from your contract.

If repairs are needed for bulkheads, riprap or other structures that protect your shoreline, we request that you contact our Field Office in advance of these activities. Additionally, to reduce the possibility of navigation and safety hazards in your area, please have your damaged structures clearly marked as soon as possible. If you are aware of debris in the bay, please contact the numbers below.


Permit Service Center:

Corpus Christi PSC
602 N. Staples St., Suite 240
Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
361-888-9305 (fax)

Please leave a detailed message when calling, as all field staff are working remotely due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. Messages are checked daily and your call will be returned in a timely manner.



Repairing and Rebuilding Cabins Impacted by Hanna

The School Land Board has approved the rebuilding of all cabin permits that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Hanna.  Any changes to the approved footprint and location will require written authorization.  All rebuilding and repairs of your cabin must comply with any Special Conditions, as well as Exhibit C and D, of your existing contract.  All debris and pilings not used during the rebuilding process must be removed.

Burning of debris is prohibited. All rebuilding and repair activities must be completed by July 25, 2021.

If you are proposing modifications to the existing structure, please use Exhibit C from your contract to indicate the modifications and send via email for review.  Please note that these modifications will need prior written authorization before construction may begin.

Please e-mail with any questions.