Commissioner Bush: Transparency and Accountability Key to Effective Governance

Contact: Brittany Eck
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PRESS RELEASE — Jan 29, 2015

(AUSTIN, Texas) — Commissioner George P. Bush promised a Texas General Land Office (GLO) that is transparent and accountable. He pledged to be fiscally conservative and ensure no wasteful spending. Immediately upon taking office, Commissioner Bush instructed all GLO department leaders to thoroughly review policies with employees and maintain strict enforcement so that the GLO operates with the highest standards of ethical practice. 

In a continuing effort to go above and beyond the requirements of the law, today Commissioner Bush issued a new memorandum to all staff relating to new contracting and procurement standards for services, setting the highest standards for accountability and transparency in state government. Additionally, the Legal Services Division of the GLO is scheduling agency wide training to thoroughly review ethics standards and ensure that the new policy is adhered to faithfully. 

“Unfair contract processes are not only unethical, but stifle competition and innovation,” said Commissioner Bush. “As Commissioner I am committed to ensuring the Texas General Land Office maintains the highest standards of accountability and transparency when conducting the business of our state.” 

This decisive action augments Commissioner Bush’s announcement that he appointed Hadassah Schloss to the newly created role of Director of Open Government for the Texas General Land Office. Schloss has earned a reputation as an unwavering, accomplished defender of open access to public information and is widely recognized for upholding the highest standards of transparency within Texas government. 

As the leader of this multifaceted agency, Commissioner Bush is committed to taking every precaution to ensure that all GLO employees abide by official policies and to safeguard the public’s trust. Commissioner Bush will continue to set the highest standards for the GLO so that the people of Texas can have every confidence that each dollar is being spent wisely and appropriately.

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