Cmr. George P. Bush and Texas GLO celebrate 1,000 homes done - and counting!

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PRESS RELEASE — Apr 15, 2020

AUSTIN — Today Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush proudly announced the Texas General Land Office (GLO) has completely rebuilt more than 1,000 homes for Texas families through the Homeowner Assistance Program. This achievement marks an important milestone in a program that is anticipated to rebuild more than 7,000 homes using $1.334 billion in available Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR), plus an additional $500 million in Community Development Block Grants for Mitigation (CDBG-MIT), funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). More than 2,500 applicants have been approved for assistance by the GLO and approximately 800 homes are currently under construction in addition to those completed.

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"The GLO's disaster recovery team continues working hard every day to help Texas families rebuild their homes and their lives following one of this nation's largest and most destructive storms," said Commissioner George P. Bush. "Today we celebrate a significant achievement in helping more than 1,000 Texas families get back in safe, comfortable homes. The GLO disaster recovery team adapted quickly to the teleworking environment and incorporated innovative technologies, such as video conferencing for permit inspections, to keep the recovery moving forward. Hurricane Harvey's destruction was massive, and the recovery is long and challenging, but the GLO will continue to work every day to help Texans rebuild."  

In addition to the success of the Homeowner  Assistance Program, the Homeowner Reimbursement Program has approved more than 2,300 applications for more than $67 million in disaster funds for applicants. The GLO allocated $100 million for the reimbursement program for out-of-pocket expenses for eligible repairs to primary residences damaged by Hurricane Harvey. The GLO is administering these two programs for homeowners across 48 counties that were damaged by Hurricane Harvey. 

The GLO is also helping renters by allocating $586 million to rehabilitate, reconstruct and construct 82 affordable multifamily developments, or 6,083 units, damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Harvey in 48 eligible counties. The Multifamily Affordable Rental Program is improving local housing inventory and ensure low income citizens and families  have safe, habitable, and affordable places to live. To be considered for funding, at least 51% of the units must be designated for low- to moderate-income families with rents capped at HUD's HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) limits. A family is considered low- to moderate-income if they earn 80% or less than the Area Median Family Income (AMFI). Of the 6,083 affordable rental units being repaired or reconstructed, 4,885 will be guaranteed for low- to moderate-income renters. Each apartment complex will be restricted for low income housing for 20 years after completion of new construction and 15 years after completion of repairs.

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